Axel Tuanzebe Goal Disallowed for Lindelof knee Kick to Jon Bautista

In the 62nd minute of the Manchester United Europa League match against Real Sociedad, Axel Tuanzebe enthusiastically celebrated his first stage goal for his childhood club.

Unfortunately, the VAR control, which involved the referee using a field side monitor, assumed that the goal should not be guarded due to a violation by Victor Lindelof in preparation.

As Alex Telles took the corner from the left wing, Lindelof soared higher than we had ever seen him try to direct the ball to a close post, but ended up making an unintentional shot.
Lindelof’s knee flew straight to the face of the Jon Bautista Association association, sending a substitute to the ground and in pain.

This is the absolute miracle and proof of the 25-year-old’s strength that somehow avoided being knocked out with a shot that would probably beat some of the best fighters in the UFC.

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