Kakao M K-Pop Songs Removed From Spotify

As Kakao M spread the music to many major K-Pop agencies, tracks from many groups are now completely missing from the platform. The list of artists involved includes:

Not surprisingly, K-Pop fans around the world are frustrated and angry with the decision. Many fan bases gathered to demand a response from Kakao M and Spotify, and both “Spotify” and “Kakao M” hit the top five global trends on Twitter.
So far, both Spotify and Kakao M have issued a statement as to why the songs were released. However, Tablo Epik High uses Twitter to explain the situation. In his tweet, Tablo referred to a dispute between Kakao M and Spotify. “Regardless of whose fault it is,” he said, “Why do artists and fans always be the ones who suffer when companies put greed before art?

Kakao M Songs Removed From Spotify

Every song released by this group through Kakao M since 2019 is no longer available for streaming on Spotify. Although fans in some provinces have reported that some songs are still available to them, it is unclear whether the song will also be released.

With a 35% share of the global music streaming market, Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world. The platform has always been a popular choice for K-Pop fans, who have now been left with the knowledge that K-Pop songs distributed by popular music company Kakao M have been released from all Spotify regions around the world.

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