Melayu Terkini News

February, 2021

  • 28 February

    Kakao M K-Pop Songs Removed From Spotify

    Kakao M

    As Kakao M spread the music to many major K-Pop agencies, tracks from many groups are now completely missing from the platform. The list of artists involved includes: Not surprisingly, K-Pop fans around the world are frustrated and angry with the decision. Many fan bases gathered to demand a response …

  • 28 February

    Zhang Yixing Joker Performance at Weibo Night Awards

    Zhang Yixing Joker Performance

    280221 Zhang Yixing – 2020 Weibo Night Zhang Yixing Joker Performance at Weibo Night Awards 2021. LAY Zhang Yixing performing ” JOKER ” at《微博之夜》2021 Weibo Night awards. 

  • 26 February

    EXO Chanyeol to Join Military Service on March 29

    Chanyeol Confirmed To Enlist In The Military

    Chanyeol was shocked to learn that EXO Chanyeol members will be registering for his compulsory military service in March. On Friday, February 26, it was reported that Chanyeol had been called to begin his military duty on March 29. Hitmaker “Call Me Baby” will be the fifth EXO member to …

  • 25 February

    Axel Tuanzebe Goal Disallowed for Lindelof knee Kick to Jon Bautista

    Axel Tuanzebe Goal Disallowed

    In the 62nd minute of the Manchester United Europa League match against Real Sociedad, Axel Tuanzebe enthusiastically celebrated his first stage goal for his childhood club. Unfortunately, the VAR control, which involved the referee using a field side monitor, assumed that the goal should not be guarded due to a …

  • 25 February

    Arsenal vs Benfica Highlights Willian Changed the Game

    Arsenal vs Benfica Highlights Willian Changed the Game

    Mikel Arteta has praised Willian for his role in helping Arsenal come back from behind on their 32nd Europa League match against Benfica. UEFA Europa League Arsenal vs Benfica Highlights The Gunners were beaten on the night and on aggregate after Diogo Goncalves ‘free kick and Rafa Silva’s attack after Dani …

  • 25 February

    Emma Watson Retiring Berita Facts and Fans Reactions

    Emma Watson Retiring

    Harry Potter star Emma Watson will retire from the industry, following news from her agent that she has been ‘inactive’. The news was first reported by The Daily Mail, with speculation that she was retreating from the attention center to spend time with her rumored fiance Leo Robinton. Speaking to …

  • 25 February

    SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu New Allegations About Harassment

    Mingyu Harassment

    Allegations state that Seventeen’s Mingyu sexually harassed his female student, More and more celebrities are known as school bullies and perpetrators of school violence. Seventeen’s Mingyu is another K-Pop celebrity who has been accused of being a bully. On February 22, anonymous netizens appeared on the popular online community and accused …

  • 24 February

    Kes Covid 25 Februari 2021

    Kes Covid 25 February 2021 Malaysia

    Situasi Terkini COVID-19 di Malaysia 25 Februari 2021, Panduan Pendaftaran Vaksinasi Melalui MySejahtera | Pemantauan Kendiri Kes Positif Di Rumah Informasi VAKSIN COVID-19 | FAQ COVID-19 KKM Kes Covid Negeri Sembilan Terkini Ringkasan Status Terkini COVID-19 Di Malaysia, 24 Februari 2021 Kes sembuh=3,331 Jumlah kes sembuh=260,009 kes Kes baharu positif=3,545 …

  • 24 February

    Tiger Wood Accidents Latest News

    Tiger Woods pulih dari pembedahan besar pada kaki kanannya pada Selasa petang di Pusat Perubatan Harbour-UCLA setelah terlibat pada awal hari dalam kemalangan kereta tunggal “kelajuan tinggi” di luar Los Angeles. Woods mengalami “patah terbuka terbuka” ke bahagian atas dan bawah tibia dan fibula di kaki kanannya, serta kerosakan pada …