SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu New Allegations About Harassment

Allegations state that Seventeen’s Mingyu sexually harassed his female student, More and more celebrities are known as school bullies and perpetrators of school violence.

Seventeen’s Mingyu is another K-Pop celebrity who has been accused of being a bully. On February 22, anonymous netizens appeared on the popular online community and accused Sevingeen’s Mingyu of being part of an irresponsible group of bullies during his high school days at Burim Middle School.

Since the allegations, Pledis Entertainment stated that the rumors about Mingyu being a bully were completely false and said, “We checked with Mingyu and the rumors were completely false and baseless. We do not understand why anyone made this claim. ”

However, more accusations continue to emerge against members of the idol group. On February 25, a new charge was posted on Nate Pann, a popular online community, in which the author of the post claimed that Mingyu had sexually abused the woman.

He gives a detailed map of the school classroom where he was bullied by Mingyu. He claimed that every time he would volunteer to say the answer to a question, Mingyu would mock him by saying, “What do you know?” The victim went on to explain that Mingyu was part of a group of boys who would pick him up and he would continue to make sexual jokes around him.

He claimed, “The boy too … said sexual jokes around me. He would say that even with the teachers around him. That was the point the teacher had to say,” Don’t say that because we have a daughter here. . ‘It wasn’t as bad when the teacher was there, but he didn’t change a bit when the teacher wasn’t in the classroom.

The author of the post, who was the victim of bullying, claimed that he had received therapy because of his difficult time in high school. He explained the reason he was expressing this now was because he was convinced he could not hold it himself. He thought he was the only victim, so he remained silent.

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